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Our Summer Storage Special

Jones Moving & Storage LLC is pleased to offer a Summer Storage Program specifically designed for RISD students! This program is designed to provide you with the best storage services available at the best prices possible. Details are listed below. Be sure to sign up in advance to store your belongings in the Historic Jones Warehouse located just one mile from campus!
This year, we will again coordinate with Residence Life to return stored items to the student rooms prior to your arrival in September. By signing up for summer storage, you are authorizing us to release your items in storage to a member of Residence Life. As always, goods coming into storage will be inventoried and checked off when being delivered back to the rooms. After sign up you will receive a confirmation email with payment options. All accounts must be paid in full to qualify for this early delivery.
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RISD Storage Rates

Plan A (Up to 9 Items)
If student brings to truck and we deliver back - $175
If picked up and delivered back to room - $220

Plan B (10 to 16 Items)
If student brings to truck and we deliver back - $230
If picked up and delivered back to room - $280

Plan C (17 to 22 Items)
If student brings to truck and we deliver back - $290
If picked up and delivered back to room - $350

Plan D (23 to 35 Items)
If student brings to truck and we deliver back - $360
If picked up and delivered back to room - $440

These prices are per student and loads must not be combined with other students.
Remember, we must be able to lift and carry the box. No box can be too large or heavy to be comfortably carried by one person. Overloaded boxes may break open. There will be a $25 surcharge per box if the boxes require 2 people to carry.

RISD Summer Storage Policy

  • Goods will be picked up – May 25th or May 26th – at 55 Angell Street (Homer-Nickerson) and at 15 Westminster. Also, June 2nd at 15 Westminster! Colonial Apartments, Dwight, and Charles Landing students will need to call for special pickup on those same days
  • All belongings will be delivered back prior to your arrival in the fall
  • Students must store goods under their own name and not be combined with another student
  • Normal contents of a standard dorm room will be accepted as one shipment
  • No food, no liquids, and especially no flammable liquids
  • Payment is accepted by check, money order, or credit card. Cash will not be accepted
  • All goods will be inventoried with a copy given to each student
  • Warehouse liability is available for a small extra charge. Call for details


  • All goods should be double labeled with name on both sides
  • Cartons should have lids and be sealed shut. Remember, cartons cannot be too large to be carried
  • Mark only those boxes containing delicate items as "fragile"
  • Be sure to use good quality boxes to protect your goods. Do not use paper products or weak boxes
  • Use the right size box. Heavy items (books, etc.) go in small boxes. Light items may go in large boxes
  • Heavy-duty plastic bags can be used for quilts or comforters but are not recommended. Plastic bags can and frequently do rip open exposing goods to possible soiling or loss
  • Clothing should be in cartons only, not plastic bags
  • Make sure we obtain your billing address and contact number during the summer
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Our Heritage

Store your items at the historic Jones Warehouse, a landmark in the City of Providence. Jones Warehouse is one of the first warehouses in the country built specifically for furniture storage.

As one of the longest, continuous providers of summer student storage in Rhode Island, we know how to best store and serve your needs. We have been providing summer student storage for over 50 years!

Our prices are very competitive, and your goods will be moved and stored by a full-service moving and storage business located less than one mile from your campus. We would be honored to add you to our long list of satisfied customers. We can also provide moving services for local, long distance, and international moves.


Plan A
Plan B
Plan C
Plan D

After signing up and submitting the form, you can pay for it by hitting the BUY NOW button

Call 401-421-0081 to get a FREE estimate
We've been Rhode Island's top moving company since 1892!
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